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Heart in their Hand started in the UK and the project has grown very quickly in a short space of time and the feedback from parents, hospitals and charities has been lovely. It was set up in memory of a precious little boy Adam Lee, to offer parents a tangible connection with their baby when going through the devastation of saying goodbye.

We are currently launching the hearts here in Australia and are contacting hospitals in the hope that we can work together to provide hearts to families.

We sent out a number of sample packs in January, to hospitals in Queensland and Victoria and will be sending more out across Australia in time.

The main way hearts will be supplied to hospitals is through direct orders or baby loss charities working closely with their local hospital. We will also be offering the opportunity for families to ‘sponsor’ hearts to donate to their local hospital which is a lovely way for families to ‘give back’ and do something in memory of their own baby.

We provide hearts for full term babies, smaller babies, twins and siblings.

We also provide the hearts for child and adult loss.

Available Designs:

If you would like more information, please email us at

If you would like to enquire about placing an order for heart sets, please email the following information and we will send you a quote…

Contact Name & Role


Hospital Name & Address

Email address & Telephone Number

Which hearts you would like to order

Delivery Address (if different to the above)


If you are considering providing hearts to your families then we’d love to hear from you.

The gifts come with a little instruction card saying

‘The little heart can be placed in your baby’s hand or blanket when saying goodbye…’


We can also include a little card that says ‘donated with love by…’ where we can handwrite the name of the bereavement suite or ward making the donation.

We will be keeping a list of hospitals and charities we provide hearts to




If parents choose to have their baby cremated, they can decide whether the little heart is kept with their baby or reunited with their baby’s ashes after cremation.

Please note that the little hearts are made of stainless steel and do not melt down during the cremation process.

It is our suggestion that parents let their baby hold the heart, take photos and create memories, but that the family then keep the heart and reunite it with their baby’s ashes after, just to be sure. Alternatively, make it clear on the crematoria application form that the heart is to be reunited with the ashes following cremation.

 Some parents may of course choose not to think about the ‘logistics’ of their baby’s cremation and say goodbye to their baby knowing they held the heart in their hand and that is the memory they will choose to keep.


Please get in touch if you have any questions,

Cathy Milburn

Heart in their Hand