Funeral Directors

The following designs are available to Funeral Directors in Australia

We are working with the lovely family run company – Final Touch Australia.

If you are a funeral director and would like to enquire about ordering our hearts, please get in touch with them and they will assist you.

07 3889 9607



 We understand the desperate ‘need’ for a lasting connection at the time of loss, having said goodbye to our little Adam Lee, who was stillborn.

‘Heart in their Hand’ grew from this ‘need’ and was set up in the UK in 2016, to offer families a tangible connection with their baby or loved one when going through the devastation of saying goodbye.

The little heart can be placed in a baby or loved one’s hand, while the family take home the keyring, creating a beautiful tangible connection that lasts forever.

We provide hearts to maternity units, children’s hospices and funeral directors in the UK and have recently launched our collection for families here in Australia.


The little hearts are made of stainless steel and can be buried with a loved one.

If families choose to have their loved one cremated, due to the size of the heart we suggest that families let their loved one hold the heart, take photos and create memories, but then keep the heart and reunite it with their loved one’s ashes following cremation.